Remember those times?

Ah, I wish. When we were all kids. Quite recently, I was forced to wear a cast due to an injury during a soccer game. Now that I can’t participate in anything that uses my legs too much, I become more aware of my surroundings. Today, during one of the classes that I had, we played soccer. Obviously, I couldn’t play so I sat with some other injured guys and the supervising teacher. The middle school were playing beside us on the other side of the field. Suddenly, the teacher asks us “Remember those times? You guys were retarded.” HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!! Yes, I was. I truly was.

I’m guessing he said retarded because he taught some of us back in middle school but I have no recollection of that. Nevertheless, I do remember those times. Now that I look back on my life, I’ve never really done anything serious and if I have, it’s because someone forced me to. I never did anything for myself. I’m actually sounding like when I had my mock interview a few weeks ago. My interviewer told me I was very self-concious of myself because I said I don’t listen to my mother even though I know what she’s saying. Am I supposed to be proud of that? I guess not many people are self-aware. They just hate whoever controls them. So I suddenly realized that I have to do something. Something that will quench this unraving thirst of mine. But what’s there to do? This is Asia. Nothing but study and work here, mates. However, if this were America, parties all night long, bro.

I AM missing all those times in middle school. If you think about it, you always have fun when you’re in elementary and middle school. There are rules to break and yes, people do say the most fun time is when you’re in college. I disagree. When you’re in college, true, you can drink and have you’re own room but if you caught breaking the law, or in other words, college words, then you go to jail! On the other hand, there are rules to break in elementary and middle school but the only punishments you get are detentions and suspensions, or if you go too far, expulsion (God forbid you go that far). What I’m saying is that you should live your life BEFORE you enter high school. But the chances of an elementary student looking at this is 1 in 100000000. So, I advise any readers who have children to let them run free wild. Don’t lock them up in your cages.

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Letting them wild might not mean going as far as giving them cell phones but you get the idea 😉