AP – Advanced Procrastination

Goodness, it’s almost that time of year: AP tests. It’s that time of year but no one seems to be worrying. Why? Because all AP courses teach you is how to PROCRASTINATE. I try my best to get a good grade because if you do really good in an AP, your GPA is able to gain a few extra points. However, honestly, all I do is procrastinate. I see the difference between a normal class and an AP class. In a normal class, you have to follow the teachers orders and it feels as though everything is required. However, in an AP class, it’s so carefree until it gets around March or April because that’s when the teachers really start caring.

Currently, I’m taking AP Chemistry and in my opinion, it is the hardest AP that the school gives. I never took other APs but I have a hunch that it is. It combines a little everything: math, english, chemistry, biology, physics, and more. It’s packed with so much information that your brain blows up. Literally. I think the main reason we procrastinate the most in AP classes is because it’s too damn hard. We got other things and other homework assignments to do but this one takes up the most time. It’s mindblowing. I wouln’t be able to concentrate even if I only had AP chem homework. There’s also extra credit available in my class but don’t get my started on that. AP chem homework PLUS MORE AP chem? Kill me. I would rather die than do that. But as it turns out, I did do AP chem extra credit because my grade is slipping away. Now that I think about it, I should be doing my math homework, 5-8 page physics essay and my U.S. History outline for my OTHER 5-8 page essay.

This is my life.


There is a group on Facebook that is dedicated to the thousands of people around the world who think AP course are just a big waste of our time.


End of the World

I had  a horrifying experience the past 3 days. I was stripped of my internet. Not because my parents wanted me to study or anything but during the process of my house move, I had no access to the internet. It was the worst 3 days of my life. Not knowing anything. Oh, and mind you, we didn’t recieve the newspaper also. All I had on my mind was where to put my stuff and cleaning up the new house. But this mortifying experience helped me realize something. Without the internet, nothing can go well for us humans.

Credits to DavidErickson

The internet has basically consumed our lives. Without the internet, our lives would not be the same. The internet was truly a great creation but at the same time, it was the bane of our lives. If you think about it, it’s kind of like the Frankenstein monster. It was a great scientific, medical and biological breakthrough but at the same time, it went around killing people. I, myself being an internet addict, have gone through some enlightment. We got to prepare ourselves for something like this. It gave me time to think about some stuff. And I asked my dad about the internet. I said “our lives have grown so dependent on the internet, it would probably be the end of mankind if the internet was suddenly gone”. He replied “that’s why we have to free ourselves. Unplug ourselves”. Of course, he meant the plugs from the movie Matrix. What he said was pretty true though. Currently, the countries that use the most internet are American, Japan and Korea. Other countries like China and Russia come pretty close.

All I could do was text with my friends and complain about how I didn’t have internet. Thank goodness I still have a cell phone to communicate. If I didn’t have one, I fear I would’ve have had to send letters.

Remember those times?

Ah, I wish. When we were all kids. Quite recently, I was forced to wear a cast due to an injury during a soccer game. Now that I can’t participate in anything that uses my legs too much, I become more aware of my surroundings. Today, during one of the classes that I had, we played soccer. Obviously, I couldn’t play so I sat with some other injured guys and the supervising teacher. The middle school were playing beside us on the other side of the field. Suddenly, the teacher asks us “Remember those times? You guys were retarded.” HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!! Yes, I was. I truly was.

I’m guessing he said retarded because he taught some of us back in middle school but I have no recollection of that. Nevertheless, I do remember those times. Now that I look back on my life, I’ve never really done anything serious and if I have, it’s because someone forced me to. I never did anything for myself. I’m actually sounding like when I had my mock interview a few weeks ago. My interviewer told me I was very self-concious of myself because I said I don’t listen to my mother even though I know what she’s saying. Am I supposed to be proud of that? I guess not many people are self-aware. They just hate whoever controls them. So I suddenly realized that I have to do something. Something that will quench this unraving thirst of mine. But what’s there to do? This is Asia. Nothing but study and work here, mates. However, if this were America, parties all night long, bro.

I AM missing all those times in middle school. If you think about it, you always have fun when you’re in elementary and middle school. There are rules to break and yes, people do say the most fun time is when you’re in college. I disagree. When you’re in college, true, you can drink and have you’re own room but if you caught breaking the law, or in other words, college words, then you go to jail! On the other hand, there are rules to break in elementary and middle school but the only punishments you get are detentions and suspensions, or if you go too far, expulsion (God forbid you go that far). What I’m saying is that you should live your life BEFORE you enter high school. But the chances of an elementary student looking at this is 1 in 100000000. So, I advise any readers who have children to let them run free wild. Don’t lock them up in your cages.

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Letting them wild might not mean going as far as giving them cell phones but you get the idea 😉

The Evil Immortal(s)

There is something in this world that does not die and yet everyone knows it. A monster that lives off people, that feeds off of green mana. It is the bane of a diet, the usurper of healthy thoughts and the harbinger of obesity. That’s right, McDonalds. The once thought to be friendly, evil, indestructible company that rules the world. Don’t misjudge me for attacking your favorite restaurant but that is really what is. McDonalds has a reputation for being the worst paying job and the worst food ever. But why is it thriving? In my community, there was once a McDonalds that started as a small restaurant. Now it controls the first floor of a four floor building. Over the course of 3 years, I have seen that McDonalds grow from a small restaurant to a food-delivering, 24/7 food court.

Credits to gyopo wife

There have been many cases where McDonalds were accused of faulty food. There is the famous case where a customer discoered a fried chicken head in her hamburger. McDonalds, I believe, was sued. However, the invincible restaurant still stood on it’s feet. McDonalds grew. I don’t think this occurs in America but I found out about 6 months ago that McDonalds had started a delivering service. Customers were now just one call away from having Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger Set. Unbelievable. Another scheme to enlarge their enterprise. It almost to a point where it’s disgusting and problematic. Sooner or later, one company will dominate each field, in this case, McDonalds would own the fast food business. I had thought about this a couple of times. There can’t always be competition. I had always imagined that one company would surpass all others and win the race to the top. The one company that I have my eyes on is Walmart.

Credits to Hecate

The two giant companies rule most of their businesses. I remember a South Park episode where a Walmart was established in the town. Gradually it grew bigger and bigger to an extent where Walmart was the only store in town. People had fed it so much money that it practically ruled their lives. A similar episode occured on Family Guy where Superstore USA dominated the town. Eventually, both shows ended up destroying the evil corporations. I may sound like a hippie but it’s true. There’s undeniable proof that enterprises like these are growing everyday. We must do everything possible to keep the competition at a perfect balance. I fear for other fast food restaurants in my community such as Quizno’s and Subways.