Anime: The Portrayer of Morals

I’ve seen, read and heard about many mangas and animes. Every time I read a manga, I see a moral lesson. Most of them are very superficial but they all have one thing in common: never give up. No matter what happens, you must never give up because some good will come out of it. Currently, the three biggest anime/mangas are Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. Of course, it is my lifelong dream to become one of these characters and live in their world but since I’m too much of an idealist, it’s impossible.

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Monkey D. Luffy: The one with the red shirt and blue pants. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. His power is being a rubber man.

Roronoa Zoro: A pirate hunter who uses three swords. He is unbelievably strong however, he has no sense of direction.

Nami: The girl with the orange hair and the blue staff. She is the navigator of the ship and is excellent at predicting weather. Her weapon allows her to manipulate weather in a closed system. However, she is very greedy and will do anything for money, even if it means dangering the lives of her crew.

Usopp: The on with the brown overalls and the green sling shot. He is usually a liar and has no strength at all. He is a coward and doens’t usually step out that much. However, he has exceptional skill at markmanship. He almost never misses a shot.

Sanji: The one with the yellow hair and the black suit. He is the cook for the ship. He attacks his enemies with his legs claiming that a chefs hands must never be hurt so he only uses his legs. However, he is weak against women. He will never hurt a woman.

Tony Tony Chopper: The reindeer with the pink hat. He is the doctor for the crew. He has the power of the Devil’s fruit. He is able to talk and change into different forms, each one with a strength and weakness.

Nico Robin: The one with the white hat and several arms coming out of her. In reality, she only has 2 arms but she has the power of the Devil’s Fruit to sprout any part of her body anywhere she likes. She is very quiet and is the archeologist of the crew. She is very wise.

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Franky: A cyborg who is the ships mechanic. Franky build the Straw Hat Pirates a new ship as a thank you. One thing led to another and Franky was part of the Straw Hat Pirates. He has many functions and most of them have to do with weapons such as guns and rocket launchers.

Brooke: A violinist who ate a devils fruit that gave him the power to live a life once again. He basically looks like a skeleton with a huge afro. He uses a cane which has a sword hidden in it. He is very agile due to his lack of flesh.


The anime I like the most right now is One Piece because of all the symbols it creates. The main character Monkey D. Luffy is on a quest to find the greatest treasure of the world, One Piece. No one knows what it is but the last pirate who saw it said to go find it and died a very, what should I say, heroic death? Anyways, it sparked the start of the pirate era and thousands of pirates formed to find this One Piece. There’s so many things in this storyline that can portray symbols. FIrst, there’s the Devils Fruit. Supposedly, these are supposed to be fruits with devils residing in them. When you eat one, you receive a godly power but you lose your ability to swim. It’s a pretty big price to pay since pirates live at sea.

Anyways, Luffy has the power of the gomu gomu fruit or in other words, he is a rubberman. Everything about him is rubber, even down to his blood cells. The interesting thing about Luffy is that he’s stupid. He has the mind of a 5 year old. However, he basically sets his life on morals and honor. What I mean by this is he doesn’t use logic to overcome his obstacles but simple morals. Some of his greatest feats and obstacles that he overcame takes a lot of explanation so I’ll only explain one.

In the Shanbody Archipelago series, Luffy and his crew are in search of a ship coater so their ship can go under the water to proceed on their quest. However, on that island, there are people who claim to be descendants of the people who created a holy city. They’re called the Tenryuubito. In respect to that, no one is allowed to offend them. They are allowed to do whatever they want. They’re human gods. And they’re connected with the Marines, the police of the sea, so if you anger one tenryuubito, you anger the marines. Of course, being a manga, the unexpected happens. Luffy and his crew see a tenryuubito killing a slave. Then the tenryuubito starts badmouthing him saying things like “he was trash” and “let’s just get a new one”. Basically, they’re shitbags. However, our hero, Luffy, jumps in and can’t take much more. When a tenryuubito shoots one of his friends, he loses his temper and punches a tenryuubito right in the face (yeah!). Of course, now the whole Archipelago is screwed because the Marines are coming with their battleships and admirals. One thing, admirals are freaking strong. They have the power of the devil fruit so you expect how strong they can be.

Anyways, the question here is ‘is authority important?’. Luffy completely throws away the concept of hierarchy and analyze people on their behavior. If Luffy likes their behavior, then they’re on his good list. Would you punch a teacher who was wacked a student because he hated him? Would you punch the president if he abused his power?

Microsoft vs. Apple

The battle of the century. With these two huge companies going at each other, it’s almost impossible to tell which is better. Right now, our school is on Mac laptops but before we were on HP laptops. I have no idea why we switched. It’s true that a Mac looks cooler and does a lot of things way easier but Micrsoft is also very good. Apple just started out with a small group but now is a huge company. However, Microsoft was there way before Apple so most of todays software only works on Microsoft which is a huge setback for our school. It also angers me that we barely use the computers at school. Sure, we have the occasional time when we use out laptop to take notes but whatever happened to paper and pencils. If you never compared Microsoft and Apple together than watch this video. It’s a compilation of ads on why Mac is better than PC.

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A parody of Microsoft’s Surface. It’s actually pretty funny because it sounds like a real commercial. I was wondering about the rivalry between these two companies and it just struck me as odd. Why can’t the two just get along. I mean, both companies are making a lot of money. I just saw in the newspaper that Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo! but they declined which is terrifying for Apple. If Microsoft had bought Yahoo!, then it would’ve been all over.