Real Madrid vs Liverpool

On Febuary 25, 7:45 P.M. in Spain, the greatest team in the world will defeat Liverpool. Yes, that is right, Real Madrid and Liverpool are hitting it off tomorrow. As for me, I’m going to watch it live (hurrah!) but for all those who can’t, I can already tell you the score. Actually, the score doesn’t matter because no matter how many goals that Steven Gerrard or Fernando Torres puts in the goal, Real Madrid will come out as the victor. I know many people rip on Real Madrid fans because they have the a freakingly, monstrous amount of money, but money isn’t skill. I’m not a lot into soccer but I am a strong Real Madrid fan. I was a fan since I ever heard of the word ‘soccer’.


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Before current news, I was fairly happy because I heard that Gerrard couldn’t play because of injury but a few days ago, he announced that he could play against Real Madrid. However, I think Real Madrid set out a little bit of a scare to Liverpool. Real Madrid was able to beat Real Betis 6-1 while Liverpool had a draw 1-1 with Manchester City. TO me, that feels like a taunt. “We can do this amount of damage, can you hold up against it?”Quite frankly, I don’t know what might happen but as far as I know, Real Madrid will definitely make it hard for Liverpool if they want a win.

I also see a grand, invincible team starting to crumble: Barcelona FC. From the beginning, everybody knew Barcelona was a strong team because they never lost. However, recently, all that is about to change. A few days ago, Barcelona drawed with Real Betis 2-2. This, Barcelona probably thought as a fluke or a mistake but it didn’t stop there. A few days later, they lost to Espanyol, the 2nd worst team in the Spanish Primera League. It was a startling event. No one ever suspected that team to win but they did. It’s amazing what you can do nowadays with just a little determination.