Ideal vs Reality

Face it, it’s reality

I’m sure you’ve heard that a lot of times and it’s beginning to tick you off. Yeah, it’s reality, so what? Well, my friend, so you want to fight against the laws of gravity? Do you want to knock the Earth off it’s rotating axis? Be my guest. A word of caution: you can’t do that. Sorry. It’s the truth. Reality pretty much controls our lives. You go around doing what you do and someone or something just has to go and screw up your day by spilling a cup of coffee all over your $500 dollar suit. Sucks, yeah, but it’s reality. But it’s those little screwups in our lives that make our lives interesting. I’m not saying that we should totally ruin our lives but living in an ideal world can mess up some serious stuff.

Let’s imagine an ideal life. I’ll take an American family for example. You are a businessman. Decent job with decent pay. You are good looking and spend a few hours each week at the gym to look good for the ladies. You have a beautiful wife and loves you dearly; two children, one boy and one girl; you also have a moderate house. You don’t have everything yet you have everything you need. Let us simulate that perfect, ideal day. Wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast and take your kids to school. You go to the office and you meet all your co-workers. You work until 7, go home and have a nice, delicious dinner with your family, help your kids with their homework and eventually go to bed. What a perfect day. No mistakes, no flaws. Now multiply that by 260. There are 365 days in a year. Divide that by 7 and you have 52 weeks a year. Then multiply that by 5 (5 work days a week) and you have 260. 260 days of that. Wouldn’t that be the most boring day of your life?

Credits to Shawn Handyside

I don’t want to go through the hassle of describing a realistic work day but you get the idea. People who live in a idealistic world have no life, no soul. They life for money, practically. I hear all this talk about becoming doctors and lawyers. When that day finally comes when you become a fully certified doctor, will you be happy? Are you going to be willing to go through the same routine every day, doing the same work every time, going the same path every day? Personally, I think a doctor would be a fun job just because of the variety of sicknesses you can cure. But yeah, it would be a pretty depressing job. Living that perfect dream would be the equivalent to being stuck in a quantum time vortex for all eternity. Lifeless. But you might say, “Hey! There’s no such thing as perfect! You can try to live a perfect live, what’s wrong with that?” Good question. Trying to live a perfect life is perfectly fine ;). Nothing is wrong with ‘trying’. It’s just that people these days push themselves way to hard to attain that life they so dream for. It’s like a game show where you get to the final but you only win a coupon for one at VIPS. Kicks you right in the ass.